How Lights could change the whole mood of your home!

Have you ever wondered how a smallchange in lighting can do wonders to the way a room looks? The lighting features and the arrangement itself could actually liftthe mood of the room completely.The arrangement could be made in any manner as pleasing as possible. There are many varieties of Indoor Lights ranging from cabinet lights, led lights to glim cubes and floor lamps. What works one day for an event might not be perfect for the second one, and the arrangements could be switched off or on as per preference and room décor.

A day you want the room to be bright for a kids birthday party! That day you could choose to switch on the kids lamps and high voltage lamps which could just transform the room into a well lighted party floor kind of look. Your room could instantly be converted to party floor with a series of Led lights which work like a magic.When you want the room to look modern, you could use LED strip lighting which covers a wide area giving the brightness in a controlled way. The brightness form Led lights are not over powering and are more subtle. This gives an ultra modern look to the whole place.


Ceiling Fixtures

Eye catching ceiling fixtures just elevate the look of any room and take it another level. The beauty of the ceiling fixtures lie in the fact that they create an impact of high ceiling as though opening up your space upward. This illusion just last long until the ceiling lights are switched on. The amount of drama that these lights add to the drawing room is unmatchable. No matter how much you spend on your décor, when you do not invest on lights, it still looks incomplete.

What you could do with lamp shades

Most people think that lamp shades are just decoration and do not contribute towards anything else. This is a false judgment. What many people forget is how much lamp shade improves the quality of lighting in a room. .It accents the lighting quality pretty much a notch higher. You need to think and revisit your lighting goal, see how much lighting you want from a fixture and then decide on a lamp shade. Some shades elevate the light quality; some shades make the lighting look subdued.When you choose lighter shades or pastel shades, you will see that there is brightlight in the room than you had seen without a shade.

When you use a darker lamp shade, the lighting gets a bit dull.There are huge collections of traditional shades which will accentuate the look of the lights to whole new level. However, sing light fixtures without shades is getting equal share of popularity.

Task Lighting

When you are looking to change the lighting of your whole house, you need to break up the plan and see how much light is needed in which corners. Not all corners need same amount of lighting. A reading area specifically needs to be bright so it is not stressful on the eyes. Whereas a television room requires dull righting as over brightness could reduce the quality of movie watching experience. Cooking area and kitchen needs bright lights as a lot of work needs to be done there.